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on jobs with either republican leader of the house or the senate since july? [ booing ] >> instead of bridging the divide, he's made it wider. now, so many of you look at the big debates in this country and you don't look at them as a republican or as a democrat, but first as an american. you've watched what's happened in this country over the last four years with an independent voice. you hoped that president obama would live up to his promise to bring people together, to solve big problems. but he hasn't. and i will. [ applause ] >> let me tell you why he fell so short of what he promised. because he cared more about a liberal agenda than he did about repairing the economy.
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did obamacare create new jobs? >> no! >> did his war on coal and oil and gas create new jobs? >> no! >> did his dodd/frank regulations make it easier for banks to make more loans? >> no. >> does raising taxes put people to work? >> no! >> does his avalanche of new regulations help small business? >> no! >> well, you got it right. almost every measure he took hurt the economy. and it hurt our fellow americans, 23 million americans are struggling to find a good job. one in six are poor in america today, and the middle class, even those that have a job, the middle class is being squeezed with lower take-home pay and higher costs for insurance and gasoline and for food and clothes. i spoke yesterday with a wife of a 60-year-old man in the prime of his life, of course.
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you and i agree, don't we, yeah. he said that he has been working as a welder at a company for 40 years, but he just got laid off. he asked what i cou he asked what i could do to help. he made one thing very clear. he doesn't want a government check, he wants a job. the government is not the answer. more good jobs, that's the answer! >> you've been listening to mitt romney there in cleveland, ohio stumping tore votes there. we're going to get the strategy of both campaigns this weekend. just two days now right before election day. the president will be visiting florida, another swing state, later on this afternoon, but it's ohio, ohio, ohio that both candidates seem to be spending an awful lot of time in today. we'll be right back. orking peop. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff.
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two days to go and the race for the white house is down to the wire. both barack obama and mitt romney are burning up a lot of jet fuel campaigning across key battleground states. amy stoddard is associated editor of "the hill" newspaper. good to see you, amy. >> good to see you. >> so they're putting a lot of stock into pennsylvania, ohio and florida in the last few days of campaigning. are they feeling this is at all influential? >> ohio is still a goal for mitt romney. his campaign is confident that they are gaining ground there and that despite the polls showing the president having a slight edge there, they can win it. you've seen really good rallies for him there this weekend, good turnout, but he's still going to virginia where he really feels he needs to shore up support and hold off president obama. they're feeling better about
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florida, but remember, there is a whole other handful of states with iowa, colorado and new hampshire that they need to worry about as well. with a 48-45 race, both are confident but both are nervous. >> it seems there was an argument made by both camps that there were an awful lot of undecideds two days now before election day. is that the case? >> that's not what the polls show, but of course, there is a big argument that we're going to be having a real debate about the integrity of these polls. a lot of the republicans think the samples are heavilying d i g democratic, that they're not using right polli ining models, i think there are very few undecideds at this point. what these final days are about are getting your own supporters in the car. that's more of a challenge, i think, for president obama than it is for mitt romney who has intensity on his side. >> so what is the consensus
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whether many americans will vote this season versus what we saw in 2008 where it was just record turnout across the board? >> well, as i said, i do think republicans really, really are energized to fire barack obama. think they'll turn out more to do that than with john mccain, and i think there will be new voter fire and energy, if you will. >> but democrats are not as gallon v galvanized. >> they're not as galvanized, so they will tell you they're going to identify their voters after four years of trying and their energy gets them to the polls. >> let's talk about what's taking place in the northeast and the concern about voters getting out in new jersey and new hampshire, and you know, looking -- kind of as we were anticipating that storm, we were kind of looking into the crystal ball, you and i, when we talked
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last sunday, and you said it wouldn't likely influence voters. but then you had scenes of president obama along with republican new jersey governor chris christie, and that kind of showed a bipartisanship. you had chris christie praising the president, and one now has to wonder, of those voters who will be going to the polls in the new jersey and new york area hit by the storm, if what took place early in this week is a giant influencing factor to get them to, you know, certainly support president obama. >> well, president obama is going to win new york and new jersey. he deoesn't have to worry about that. he has to worry across the country -- >> will that resonate across the country, in your view? >> i think the fact he's not made a mistake in his handling of the response to the storm and he's done a good job and eight out of ten americans feel he's done a great, excellent job, that might get his supporters really uplifted and inspired to
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go vote for him and maybe knock on doors this final weekend. i don't know -- at the same time, i do think that there are people who are really down. they either have relatives in that area, they live in an influential swing state or battleground state, and they're feeling that this coverage of people fighting in gas lines, not able to get on buses to get to work, bridges closing, really struggling for food in some areas, that this is really sad, it's really heartbreaking, and that's not the kind of thing that usually makes you go for the status quo. >> they seem to be turning their anger at the city mayor, mayor bloomberg in particular at that, not necessarily at the presidential level. >> i think barack obama did not make a mistake. i think he did a good job in his response. it's important mitt romney not make a mistake. i think it put a pause on romney's momentum and that perhaps helped the president. i don't think it makes him an undecided voter who doesn't like either of the candidates who a week ago wanted president obama.
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>> great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> we're going to get the latest on how much power has been restored to the superstorm sandy victims, right after this. 200 . in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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one week after superstorm sandy, skmeeand here's what we . the storm is blamed for 111
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deaths in the u.s. in new york city alone, governor andrew cuomo estimates that 30,000 to 40,000 people could need housing. >> people are in homes that are un un uninhabitable. it's going to be increasingly clear that they're uninhabitable when the temperature goes down and they can't heat their homes. then we'll need to find housing for thousands right away. >> they've restored service to more than 75% of the customers in new york, but the millions who remain without power now have to deal with the cold front. forecasters say temperatures are expected to drop below freezing tonight and tomorrow evening. the american red cross is moving 80,000 blankets into the region ahead of colder weather.
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let's head to belmar, new jersey now. that part of the jersey shore was hit pretty hard. what kind of progress are you able to see at this juncture? >> reporter: well, you're looking down ocean avenue here behind me. this was the beating heart, really, of the shoreline in belmar, no doubt about that, their boardwalk completely ripped up. they have a couple of lakes inland in this town. they filled up with water. the town center flooded. hundreds and hundreds of people were forced out of their homes, had to be rescued, and they've had to pump that water out. let me show you what the situation was like at the beginning of the week when we were here earlier. you can see that the waters were high, that there were problems. they were putting the pumps in place. they've been pumping 60,000 gallons a minute out of there. let me show you what it looked like today when we took a look. you can see the water has dropped by about 3 feet or more. they're going to continue
11:46 am
pumping. meantime, here on the ground they're continuing to haul away sand, continuing to haul away debris. let me show you. they're putting some debris now. they're scooping this up throughout the town. as the water recedes and goes back to those lakes, they're able to scoop up the debris on the streets. they're coming back slowly but surely. it's a lot of hard work and they know it, they expect it, and they're ready to do it. fredricka? >> jim clancy, thanks so much. a tough road ahead, indeed. we're headed to the weather-battered streets of long island next where hands are helping others get back on their feet. ♪
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while survivors of sandy deal with the cold and seek shelter, they're also in need of another necessity: food. joining me on the phone is randi shubin dresher. i understand you've put yourself in action in a very different way. to what extent? >> we're in emergency mode now.
11:50 am
my staff has been working seven days a week bringing food out into the communities all across long island. >> ordinarily people come to you, in this case you're going to them. i understand you've made something like 10,000 sandwiches. how are you able to distribute them? how do you find the need? >> well, the sandwiches and the food is coming from the community, from distributors and who wholesalers and also the community. we are literally driving into the communities, going to the fair stations. we're at the mayor's offices right now, and they showed us the devastated areas, skand we took our trucks there and distributed food right to the people. >> what are the people saying to you when you deliver this food and sandwiches? >> it's devastating. yesterday i met three people who told me they were contributors. they never sought they would be on the other side of the truck taking food. it's devastating. >> randi, i know people really
11:51 am
appreciate all that you're doing. thanks so much and all the best in your continued efforts. >> thank you. appreciate it. and this straight ahead. we can't promise secret service protection, but we can guarantee that you'll live like the leader of the free world. yes, the president actually stays there, and you could, too. jen's car wasn't handling well.
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so i brought it to mike at meineke. we gave her car a free road handling check.
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i like free. free is good. my money. my choice. my meineke. houston, waikiki, washington, d.c. they sound like great vacation destinations and all these places have received star treatment. that's because the president stayed in these places, and you can, too. we started with a hotel in the epicenter of all things political: the madison in washington, d.c. >> the madison is named for james madisomadison, the fourth president of the u.s. the father of the constitution has also hosted some presidents. george bush stayed there when he was in transition to the white house, so, you know, it's got lots and lots of history going on there. it's also a prime position in
11:55 am
d.c. only five blocks from the white house. jfk attended the opening in 1963. it costs about $179 a night. >> let's go west coast now. san francisco. what president has stayed at the fairmont hotel there? >> the first fairmont was opened in 1906 and it's on knob hill so it's a prime, prime position. it's actually where the u.n. was drafted in 1945. lots of history there, too. while you're in san francisco, make sure you take a tram, go across to alcatraz. >> what's the price point? >> that's $279 a night. >> and let's go to the houstonian in houston. i'm sure that's the bush's favorite. >> you might see george bush in
11:56 am
the restaurant or barbara bush in the spa. there's also an enormous activity center. they've got a rock climbing wall, lots of personal trainers. it's a really, really fun place to hang out, and that costs 179. it's also near the city's great art district and great shopping. >> that one, too, fairly reasonable. let's go to hawaii. you have to carve out a lot of time in order to make that big trip, but tell us specifically about the kahala hotel and why it is one to visit. >> the kahala, every president since lyndon johnson has stopped by here, including barack obama in his 2008 presidential campaign. he had an event here. it's a peaceful hotel on 800-foot white sand beach. there are some fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
11:57 am
that costs from $661 a night at the moment. >> wow. it's a gorgeous scene no matter what. no matter where you are in hawaii, who is going to complain? >> exactly. this is just ten minutes from waikiki, but it feels completely isolated. >> that's kate maxwell from jet setter. for more tips visit . we'll bring president obama's speech to you live.
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